Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costume Ideas

Halloween was never a big deal in my family, but I love any excuse to dress up.  This year I have an extremely early morning on Nov. 1st, so for Halloween, I am going as Sleeping Beauty and expect to be fast asleep by the time the parties start.
  • Miss Congeniality - Using puffy paint, write "Miss Congeniality" on 2 yards of 4" wide satin ribbon.  Wear an evening gown with a large slit up the front, and wear a gun holster on your leg.
  • Lady and the Tramp - For the Lady, wear a dress with heels, pearls, and a granny handbag.  For the Tramp, dress in blue jeans, old t-shirt, work boots, and a flannel jacket.
  • Campfire - Get the whole family involved. Have people dress as a campfire, marshmallows, chocolate bar, Girl/Boy Scouts, campers, and a grizzly bear.
  • Nudist on Strike - Wear everyday clothes with a sign that says "Nudist on Strike"
  • Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - Wear the traditional dress and ruby slippers but be inside a tornado (made out of stretchy material and wire) and glue houses, cows, bikes, etc. on it.
  • Formal Apology - wear an evening gown or tux, carry a rose, and wear a name tag that says "I'm Sorry"
  • My Space Page - Make a cardboard My Space page and cut a hole wear your profile pic would be.  Attach an MP3 player and play music from your playlist.
  • Bella and Edward from Twilight - I picture Edward shopping at J. Crew and Banana Republic while Bella is more of an American Eagle and Delia's type of girl.
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